At Rest

Acevedo, Luz Maria – b. March 5, 1953, Puerto Rico; d. May 10, 2012, Huntington Beach, Calif. Survivors: husband, Julio; son, Joel; daughter, Eileen; one grandchild.

Anderson, Danette – b. Aug. 26, 1953, Oakland, Calif.; d. March 5, 2012, Modesto, Calif. Survivors: husband, William; son, Pete; daughter, Maggie; two grandchildren.

Bartholomew, Della L. – b. Aug. 17, 1917, N.D.; d. May 18, 2012, Riverside, Calif. Survivors: husband, Albert; son, Frank Bonnet; stepson, David Bartholomew; stepdaughter, Carolyn Chetister; one grandson; three great-grandchildren.

Cleveland, Lloyd D. – b. Aug. 24, 1925, Kersey, Colo.; d. June 10, 2012, Loma Linda, Calif. Survivors: wife, Laurene; sons, Scott, Randy; five grandchildren. Served as a missionary in South America; and as treasurer for the Rocky Mountain Conference for 25 years.

Elstrom, George, R. – b. May 27, 1921, Lincoln, Neb.; d. June 4, 2012, College Place, Wash. Survivors: wife, Twila; son, Thomas; two grandchildren; two great-grandchildren; sister, Bette Westfall. Served as pastor in Michigan, Minnesota, Northern and Central California, Oregon, and Arizona conferences; also served as VP for administration/secretary/ministerial director and evangelism coordinator for CCC; and ministerial director/evangelism coordinator for Arizona Conference.

Erich, Louis R. – b. Nov. 7, 1928, Shanghai, China; d. June 11, 2012, Portland, Ore. Survivors: wife, Lillian; sons, Jonathan, Kevin, Timothy; daughter, Jana; 10 grandchildren. Served as a missionary physician in Korea and Singapore from 1959-1977. He was also an ordained minister.

Evans, Royce D. – b. July 20, 1929, Lott, Texas; d. May 29, 2012, Fountain Valley, Calif. Survivors: wife, Mary; sons, Ron and Bob; sister: Dorothy Vaughan; two grandchildren.

Fitzsimmons, Roy C. – b. Nov. 3, 1928, Indianapolis, Ind.; d. Oct. 8, 2011, Stockton, Calif. Survivors: wife, Doris; son, Patrick; stepsons, Randy Little, George Little, Gary Little, Richard Little; daughters, Laurie Ortega, Joan; seven grandchildren; one great-grandchild.

Johnson, Jo-An N. (Tsujimura) – b. Sept. 28, 1941, Sanitarium, Calif.; d. June 4, 2012, Oakland, Calif. Survivors: husband, Gerald “Jerry”; daughter, Julie Long; son, Gerald Johnson Jr.; brothers: Roland, Reuben; four grandchildren.

Kessler, Thomas – b. June 18, 1921, Columbia City, Ind.; d. April 30, 2012, Modesto, Calif. Survivors: wife, Marilyn; son, Thomas Jr.; daughter, Vickie Pires; three grandchildren; seven great-grandchildren.

King, Kenneth R. – b. June 11, 1928, Los Angeles, Calif.; d. May 21, 2012, Ukiah, Calif. Survivors: wife, Barbara; sons, Russell, Mark, Douglas, Stephen; daughters, Kathleen, Teresa Sivett; 13 grandchildren; six great-grandchildren.

Lindsley, Marilyn Joan (Payne) – b. June 3, 1946, Portland, Ore.; d. May 29, 2012, Colton, Calif. Survivors: daughters, Kristi Cruise, Kara Claridge; brothers, Howard Courser, Dean Courser; stepbrother, Nick Courser; stepsister, Susan Courser; four grandchildren.

Little, Benjamin – b. March 4, 1929, Welland, Ontario, Canada; d. June 23, 2012, Loma Linda, Calif. Survivors: wife, Alice; son, Jeffrey; daughters, Teresa Parenteau, Cynthia Ford; six grandchildren; one great-grandchild.

Mattheus, Bill F. – b. April 23, 1917, Travis County, Texas; d. May 18, 2012, in Peoria, Ariz. Survivors: son, Dean; daughter, Margaret; three grandchildren, six great-grandchildren; sister, Minnie Dieter.

Meyer, Warren Leslie – b. May 23, 1919, Beaumont, Calif.; d. April 22, 2012, Napa, Calif. Survivors: son, George; four grandchildren.

Muir, Wellesley – b. Oct. 28, 1928, Santa Barbara, Calif.; d. April 30, 2012, Fresno, Calif. Survivors: wife, Evelyn; daughters, Gail Giebel, Gladys; two grandchildren. Served as a pastor, evangelist, missionary, and youth director in the U.S., South America, Bermuda, and Thailand during his 44 years of service. Authored six books and did evangelism with The Quiet Hour.

Nilsen, Mildred Esther – b. July 25, 1926, Brooklyn, N.Y.; d. May 31, 2012, Loma Linda, Calif. Survivors: daughters, Joyce Benfield, Karen Soderblom, Linda Harty; six grandchildren; brother, Norman Markussen.

Qualls, Wanda (Stover) – b. Aug. 2, 1937, Okemah, Okla.; d. Jan. 6, 2012, Visalia, Calif. Survivors: husband, Lonnie; sons, Danny, David; daughter, Cyndi Lambert; six grandchildren; one great-grandchild.

Rozema, Duane, O. – b. May 15, 1936, Chicago, Ill.; d. July 2, 2012, Yucaipa, Calif. Survivors: wife, Avalon; daughters, Tami Johnston, Terri Fair, Traci Lenderman; six grandchildren; one great-grandchild, Ruby.

Sardella, Lori J. (Munoz) – b. Nov. 8, 1968, San Jose, Calif.; d. June 6, 2012, Sacramento, Calif. Survivors: husband, Jeff; sons, Jonathan, Jeffrey; daughters, Christina Williams, Sophia; father, John Munoz Jr.; mother, Lynn Hunt; sisters, Deede Munoz and Charlotte Clifford.

Schmidt Jr., John – b. May 14, 1918, Pittsburgh, Pa.; d. May 6, 2012, Riverside, Calif. Survivors: wife, Catherine; daughters, Jean Kingry, Carol Rogers, Evelyn Cunningham; five grandsons, eight great-grandchildren. Served as food service director in various denominational hospitals and universities.

Small, Leonard M. – b. March 22, 1936, Loma Linda, Calif.; d. April 16, 2012, Yucaipa, Calif. Survivors: brother, Richard; sister, Beverly Kisinger.

Sossong, Nadia – b. Dec. 21, 1940, Cairo, Egypt; d. June 9, 2012, St. Helena, Calif. Survivors: son, Anthony; daughter, Cherie Flores; one grandchild.

Souza, Agnes M. (Borba) – b. Nov. 30, 1921, Poplar, Calif.; d. Feb. 29, 2012, Hughson, Calif. Survivors: son, Dan; daughter, Dianna David; brothers, Demas and John Borba; sister, Elsie Buford-Fields; three grandchildren; three great-grandchildren.

Squier, Ron – b. March 3, 1943, Modesto, Calif.; d. April 27, 2012, Ceres, Calif. Survivors: sons, Ron Jr., Jerry; one grandchild.

Stephenson, David – b. July 8, 1947, Modesto, Calif.; d. April 30, 2012, Modesto, Calif. Survivors: son, David Doshier; daughters, Rhonda Schulze, Robin Halsey; six grandchildren.

Stukey, Carl Don – b. Sept. 24, 1947, Los Angeles, Calif.; d. May 28, 2012, Paradise, Calif. Survivors: wife, Flora.

Vyhmeister, Otto – b. Dec. 15, 1912, Los Angles, Chili; d. May 21, 2012, Loma Linda, Calif. Survivors: son, Edgar; daughters, Rosemary Hill, Helga Smars. Served at the Loma Linda University pharmacy.

Walde, Esther (Klasen) – b. Sept. 25, 1919, Madison, Ohio; d. May 31, 2012, Sonora, Calif. Survivors: daughters, Donna McGinnis, Carole Breckenridge, Colleen Tillay; eight grandchildren; eight great-grandchildren.

Wilson, Wilda M. (Chase) – b. Sept. 27, 1921, Gillette, Wyo.; d. April 21, 2012, Ukiah, Calif. Survivors: son, Michael; daughter, Gayle Haeger; sister, Ardith Chiesa; five grandchildren; 10 great-grandchildren.

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